Universal Morphological Passport

Universal Morphological Passport

The Universal Morphological Passport (UMP) is an online platform for morphological passports. Secured, it ensures that the body measurements of everyone safely pass the digital barriers, for any type of transaction. It facilitates their use regardless of the sector concerned: luxury, health, ready to wear, professional clothing. Morpheus’ vision: to enable the textile industry to meet its environmental and societal challenges by making customized and on-demand production the norm.

"Universal Morphological Passport" consortium

Following our publication « Morpheus : a platform for the representation, manipulation and secure access of standardized morphological data for the digital age textile industry » at the 11th 3d body.tech conference & Exhibition (Lugano, Swiitzerland, 18 november 2020), we invite you to join the Universal Morphological Passport consortium to federate all market players. The emergence of a standardized morphological passport will allow the interoperability of personal data with all current and future use services and will participate in the emergence of large databases conducive to AI and the acquisition of new knowledge.

The passport must also comply with all the requirements of the RGPD in order to reassure its users when the future of their personal data.

The pursuit of global standardization of morphological data will also allow the establishment of a Green Economy project which will allow the reduction of logistics and production circuits. This crucial step can be taken at European level if industrialists and academics unite now around this imperative need to speak the same language.

Following the example of the 3D Web Consortium Consortium 3D Web Industry Connections Working Group and The 3D Body Processing (3DBP) we wish to open up to all our consortium formed with the University of Lorraine to go further in the development of standards for personal equipment: representation of morphological data, digital size guide, clothing terminology, tool interoperability, etc.

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